Making Things Heard …

Quality audio production is the unseen canvas that can define the tone and presence of a marketing campaign.

Our network of skilled engineers and composers provide a wide range of services and sound solutions including:

  • Audio production,
  • ISDN/voice over recordings,
  • bespoke music composition,
  • sound design,
  • ADR,
  • location sound recording,
  • sound for TV commercials, Radio and corporates.

Sound Portfolio

Global Challenges Promo Video

This is the video we have produced for Wiley – a global publishing company – in conjunction with the launch of a new academic journal – Global Challenges.

Dissington Garden Village Project (Intro Video)

The Dissington Garden Village Project is a very ambitious and innovative development project initiated by Northumberland County Council in conjunction with The Dissington Estate and Lugano Property Group in line with the Goverment initiative to create greener living spaces, in the shape of Garden Cities and Villages. We were asked to produce a video that would explain the benefits of...

Our Own Promo Video

This was our first project and something we are still very proud of a few years down the line. The video was designed to both tell potential clients what we do AND show it! Every single aspect of the video – with exception of the closing eye – was created by a Plainsight Network member. A great example of effective...