Have you ever heard  the phraseHidden in plain sight?’

This is true of something that is staring you right in the face, yet you can’t see it because you are too close to it. Too often, many owner-managers are too close to their businesses, inhibiting their ability to objectively identifying the very factors that are preventing them from growing or achieving maximisation.

How can that be?

Try this:

  • Place your index finger on the tip of your nose.
  • Your finger is now the closest it could be to you and you are the closest to your finger – yet, can you see it?
  • Yes, of course you can see it!  But can you see it clearly?
  • No you can’t, can you?
  • Now, move your finger back as far as you can stretch your arm – what do you see?
  • NOW you can see your finger … and yet you are not as close to it as you were when it was on your nose.

This is what we do.

Plainsight Consultancy pulls you BACK so you can see things CLEARLY. Not only that, we help you see the FULL picture of where your business is, where it’s been and where it needs to go to fulfil its full potential.

We INVEST. We COMMIT. We CHALLENGE. We work WITH you … not just FOR you. But our work doesn’t stop here. Once the picture is full, clear and in focus, we don’t just leave you with a plan of action … We MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

Whatever your business needs to see happen to move onto the next level or into the next phase, we can aid its delivery with a fantastic network of trusted and experienced freelancers, all specialist in their own sectors.


Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed… everything changes … transforms! This is very much the way that Plainsight came into being. Find out how…


We believe in respecting your identity and following your vision while supplying you with our expert knowledge on how to communicate your message to your target market.


The way we operate is different from the average agency, which is not difficult to imagine since we are actually NOT an agency!