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Originating from graphic design, MIKE battles with an inability to be content, always finding himself at a crossroads between art and technology. It wasn’t until witnessing a piece of work from Shilo that he had his eyes opened to a world of artistic expression that touched – and more importantly inspired – him in a way he hadn’t experienced before. He found the world of moving images: his first foray into emotionally driven moments.

Fascinated by the ability and freedom to create with tools once unavailable to the masses, Mike quickly found himself leaning on his design, 3D and motion strengths, while conceiving, producing and directing work in what would be typically considered a post production environment for some of the biggest brands in the world.

These days Mike finds himself taking a more refined and honest cinematic approach directing for clients such as Adidas, Canon, Sennheiser and Microsoft. His non linear pursuit is often reflected within his work, regardless of medium. Never one to spoon feed, his audience are left to find and discover their path, inadvertently creating their own emotional connection along the way.